Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Mama (2008)


My colleague Michele L. was soooooooo excited coming to work tonight because she was anxious to tell me that she saw the movie Baby Mama this weekend and it included a reference to Scranton.

Baby Mama tells the story of Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey), a single and successful businesswoman who badly wants to be a mother. When she discovers she's infertile, Kate hires trashy Angie Ostrowiski (Amy Poehler) to be her surrogate, whose crazy antics turns her life upside down.

About halfway through the movie, Kate and Angie are discussing their past relationships. Angie mentions her relationship with a guy before she met her current husband Carl. The previous boyfriend dumped Angie to attend the University of Scranton.

Michele L. told me the audience collectively gasped at that line of dialogue.

Thanks again to Michele L. for this reference.

UPDATE: Baby Mama is now available on DVD. To place a hold, click here.

UPDATE SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 2008: I bought Baby Mama on Blu-Ray this past week and absolutely loved it. Below is the exact Scranton reference in the film, which takes place as Kate (Tina Fey) and Angie (Amy Poehler) are walking and eating ice cream after Lamaze class:

I had one good boyfriend before Carl.


Uh huh. Donny Landis. We used to work at Blimpie together when we were sixteen. We'd sit and eat pickles in the back. He waited a whole month before he touched my boobs. Then he went to the University of Scranton and I never saw him again. He was my Justin Timberlake.


the great one said...

Hey, I went to the UofS. That was cool they put it in the movie! Most people never heard of Scranton before.

Is the UofS line in there because Tina Fey had something to do with Scranton? Or maybe Amy Pohler knows someone who went there?

Anyone with free time on there hand want to figure it out so I don't have to?

Reference Department, Albright Memorial Library said...

Good question. I'm not sure why they picked Scranton as the place where Angie's ex-boyfriend went.
I know the movie is set in Philly, so maybe the screenwriter was trying to throw in as many PA cities into the story as he can. Plus Scranton is about a three-hour drive from Philly, so maybe he just wanted to make a point that there would be some distance between them if they stayed togetehr as a couple, which perhaps would have been a hinderance in their relationship.

tjmannix said...

They use the University of Scranton because Tina Fey is married to Steve Carrell who stars in the TV show "The Office" which takes place in Scranton... It's a little inside joke but that's why the reference was there.