Friday, November 21, 2008

Entertainment Weekly (November 28, 2008, Issue #1023)

Even when it's only yet-another-one-of-the-numerous-references-to-The Office references, I must admit I still get giddy when I see Scranton mentioned in my favorite magazine, Entertainment Weekly.

This time, Scranton was mentioned on page 9 of EW in the popular section called The Bullseye, which rates the pop culture news stories of the week ala a game of Darts (humorously, several events nobody cares about--usually those involving Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt--often miss the bullseye and the arrow lands two pages ahead).

A near-miss on The Bullseye this week is the following item on The Office:

"Jim and Pam are finally in
the same city together.
Now, for the love of
Scranton, give these two a
decent storyline."

For the love of Scranton? I smell a future catchphrase...

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