Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rogues' Gallery: The Secret History of the Moguls and the Money That Made the Metropolitan Museum by Michael Gross (2009)

Who knew Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania played a part (a teeny, tiny part, but STILL a part) in the one of the most renowned museums in the world--the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City?

My colleague Michele L. read this book late last year and was so excited to tell me about the Wilkes-Barre references in the book.

Rogues' Gallery by Michael Gross tells the compelling true story of the coupling of art with commerce (and mystery) that has made New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art what it is today.

The Wilkes-Barre reference appears on page 267 of the text, among biographical information on Charles Bierer Wrightsman, an art collector whose paintings were acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

"After an elite education (Exeter, Stanford, Columbia), Charlie became a naval pilot and met his first wife, Irene Stafford, a socially prominent girl from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in the winter of 1921 in Miami."

Rogues' Gallery by Michael Gross is available in Hardcover for purchase online from Barnes & Noble and Borders. A paperback edition of the book will be available May 11, 2010.

Kudos to Michele L. for this reference.

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