Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Chance -- Miller's Tale DVD Fundraiser Expires August 1st

Miller's Tale - Trailer from Cottage Films on Vimeo.

The documentary Miller's Tale tells the story of Scranton's Jason Miller, Tony- and Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright of That Championship Season and Oscar nominee for The Exorcist. The film follows Miller's journey through Broadway and Hollywood, and his subsequent move back to Scranton, PA--where he continued to work in local theater and film.

To raise funds to release Miller's Tale on DVD, director Rebecca Marshall Ferris has organized a web-based fundraiser to raise $5,000 to produce and release the film on DVD. A donation of $24.00 guarantees you a copy of the DVD when released in August. Other groovy perks -- including a new $5.00 The Miller High Life deal, which will give you streaming access to Miller's Tale online for 2 weeks in August -- are also offered.

The fundraiser will expire August 1st; so if you want to help Rebecca Marshall Ferris release Miller's Tale on DVD -- which guarantees you a copy of the film (either physical or streaming) -- click here.

WBRE-TV also aired a segment on Friday on the upcoming DVD release and fundraiser for Miller's Tale. Click here to watch the video report.

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