Saturday, March 21, 2009

Web Sites About Wilkes-Barre Band The Buoys and Their Song "Timothy"

This posting is in reference to a previous entry on The Bouys, which originated in Wilkes-Barre and scored a hit song with 1971's controversial Timothy.

Greg M. Woodrow recently emailed me the following links that include some interesting information about The Buoys and Timothy:

"I came across your page,, and saw your request for information about The Buoys, and their song, Timothy.

I have a website, The Last Standing Man (, that details the career of Jerry G. Hludzik, one of members of The Buoys. My site contains pages specific to The Buoys, some of which you may (or may not) find useful.

Here are links to specific pages about Timothy, Rupert Holmes, and The Buoys:

Timothy's Time, by Jack Smiles -

The Buoys, by John Chintala -,%20by%20J.%20Chintala.htm

The Pina Colada Man, by Maxim Furek -

Casey Kasem Intoduces Timothy to America (contains the audio from American Top 40 where Kasem introduces Timothy in the countdown) -

Meet The Buoys, Part II, by Joe Middleton (I couldn't find Part I) -

The Buoys Have a National Hit, by Joe Middleton -

The Buoys Discography -

The Buoys Photo Pages (includes a page dedicated to Timothy related items)-

I hope you find this information useful, or at least interesting.

Greg M. Woodrow
Press Chief"

A big thanks to Greg M. Woodrow for this collection of awesome links. His website, Last Standing Man, is truly incredible.

The MP3 for Timothy by The Buoys is available to purchase at iTunes. Timothy was also released on a CD compilation titled Have A Nice Day: Volume 6. To place a hold on the CD, click here.

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