Monday, March 01, 2010

Article on Rupert Holmes and Wilkes-Barre Band The Buoys (March 1981)

Author and NEPA native Maxim Furek (The Death Proclamation of Generation X) recently emailed me the following regarding the Wilkes-Barre band The Bouys (Timothy):

Hi Bill:

I interviewed Rupert Holmes in 1980. My article on "Timothy" and the Buoys is published (again) on this link. You have my permission to reproduce it.


Maxim Furek

The article, titled "Rupert Holmes: The Pina Colada Man: Northeastern PA's Adopted Son Comes Home To Crow" can be read online by clicking here.

Click here and here for two previous blog entries on Timothy and The Bouys.

Thanks to Maxim Furek for the link.

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